Suprion Scale Inhibitor / Voltaic Ioniser - 22mm - JS-75E22

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Suprion is a water treatment device. Anti scale deposition by using Slight Static Electricity.

Suprion is a self-generating electrostatic water treatment device. Slight static electricity are made for the frictional electrification between the water and tube is integrated by electrodes and certain electrostatic field is provided outside of electrodes, then the energy field is reflected inside of the tube. The Slight Static Electricity in tube will enhance hydrating between water molecules and dissolved things suppress lime-scale, corrosion and slime in the system. Suprion is useful for Heat exchange, Cooling system and Boilers. Help user saving energy and less chemical emission.

Suprion voltaic Ionisers have been designed specifically to prevent the development of calcium, magnesium and silica hard water scale; dissipate existing hard water scale; kill slime and fungi and some types of algae; they are also known to suppress the growth of bacteria.

An outstanding scale inhibitor like no other

Whilst the SUPRION may look like a small, simple and unobtrusive device, there are a multitude of complex and intricate chemical processes occurring within. The SUPRION subjects your water supply to a wave of self-generated electro-static energy. This ionises the water molecules, inhibiting the build-up of scale

Reasons to choose SUPRION:

  • Proven results as an effective counter-measure to scale, slime, corrosion and rust.
  • Requires no electrolysis, magnets or power supply.
  • A progressive range of shapes, sizes and applications available.
  • Endorsed by British Gas.
  • Approved for drinking water applications by the Water Regulations Advisory Board (WRAS).
  • Avoids any salt or chemical treatment of your water supply.
  • Completely maintenance-free with a minimum operation guarantee of 10 years.
  • Environmentally friendly and entirely carbon-neutral.

A range of domestic installations:

  • Central Heating
  • Boilers
  • Pipes
  • Drinking water applications
  • Appliances

Product specification:

Model :  JS-75E22

Connecton Type:  22mm

Require earth connection

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