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Monarch duplex softeners have two softening vessels sharing the same salt tank. These two vessels are controlled by their own control valve each with its own built-in water meter. One vessel supplies soft water whilst the other remains on standby. When the required amount of soft water has been reached, this vessel begins an automatic regeneration with soft water then supplied from the previous standby unit. This role is then reversed when the next regeneration is due to ensure a continuous supply of soft water at all times.

With our duplex softeners using a wet brine system, the regenerations can be more frequent ensuring an even greater output of soft water, should it ever be required.

  • High flow rates – 75-130 lpm at 1 bar pressure drop
  • 24/7 soft water supply
  • 24-volt plug-in transformer for safe operation
  • Reliable controller—measures and remembers your daily water consumption
  • Low salt and water use—only regenerates when necessary based on your actual water needs
  • Easy programming
  • 3 year parts and 12 month labour warranty
  • Retains memory, even in the event of a power cut
  • Solid-state electronics and a reliable metering system for years of trouble-free operation
  • 400 micron injector protection prevents injector blockages and subsequent overflows
  • Simple and rugged operation. Proven reliability and technology over many years

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2” models available – please see under Downloads

Brochures & Info Sheets

Download the Duplex Softeners Info Sheet
Download the ‘Monarch Duplex 2910’ Product Brochure
Download the ‘Monarch Simplex 2910’ Product Brochure

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