Monarch AP100 Water Filter System with Milan Click Tap and Long Life Cartridge

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Water is one of nature's most natural resources. Yet as the population increases, so does our need for clean drinking water.

The AP100 gives you fresh filtered water on tap for less than a penny a litre...

While our water in the UK is arguably the safest in Europe, not everybody likes the unpleasant smell and taste of chlorine etc?

The AP100 water filter removes chlorine and any other impurities that cause bad tastes and odours in your drinks to give you fresh, filtered water on tap.

Neatly installed out of sight in your kitchen cupboard, the AP100 is a real alternative to bottled water and at less than a penny a litre, a lot cheaper too!

Long life cartridge (Replace 12 months)
Quarter turn cartridge for easy DIY cartridge change!

Filtered water on tap all day, every day, so no more heavy and expensive bottles to carry home!

Removes sediment, chlorine, bad tastes and odours, organic chemicals, herbicides and pesticides.

Multi level filtration that also removes sand and sediment
Reduces scale build up in kettles.

AP100 comes complete with an integral on/off valve, and couldn't be easier to replace a cartridge. Simply turn the bottom section with label 1/4 turn anticlockwise and the water supply is automatically turned off allowing you to remove the exhausted cartridge without water spillage. Reverse the procedure for when installing the new one.

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