22mm Water Softener Installation Rapid-Fit Bypass Kit

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Water softener high flow hoses kit suitable for all water softeners that have 3/4" male connections.

Comes with Rapid-Fit Bypass

600 mm length  X 19 mm bore stainless steel braided hoses

Hi-flow Rapid-Fit Bypass for easy installation

Rapid-Fit bypass which has reduced 85% of the components needed when installing a water softener. The Rapid-Fit also has 3/8” connections for both hard and soft water tee points. It also features a 1” high flow check valve built into the body to comply with WRAS guidelines, giving an impressive flow rate of 80lpm. With Rapid-Fit bypass, installers simply connect the water in and out from the mains supply, then connect two hoses to the softener for quick and easy installation.
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